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Affiliated to Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University, Sikar
About City


Sikar is as much part of Shekhawati as Jhunjhunu. It was the largest Thikana (Estate) of the Jaipur State, earlier known as Nehrawati. Sikar was the capital town of the Thikana Sikar. It is surrounded by high walls with seven gates ("Pols"). These are Bawari Gate, Fatehpuri Gate, Nani Gate, Surajpole Gate, Dujod Gate Old, Dujod Gate New and Chandpole Gate. Sikar was once known as ‘Beer Bhan Ka ’.

Rao Raja Ram Pratap Singh ascended the throne after Laxman Singh built the marble palace. The golden painting on its walls is very attractive. The successive rulers of Sikar have been Rao Raja Bhairon Singh, Rao Raja Sir Madhav Singh Bahadur (1866/1922), who was granted the title of Bahadur in 1886, and Madhav Singh, who enjoys the credit of making the huge Victoria Diamond Jubilee Hall & Madhav Niwas Kothi, excellent examples of his love for architecture and paintings. He was always anxious for the welfare of the public. During the terrible famine in 1899 (Samvat 1956), he started many famine relief works for the poor and hungry people. This is evident from ‘Madhav Sagar Pond’, built in 1899, at a cost of Rs.56000: it clearly speaks the fame of his ruler. It was in the times of Madhav Singh that Sikar saw the first light of electricity. The roads were also constructed in his time. The old monuments, forts, palaces, boundary walls and temples were repaired in his time. He was very strong and courageous. He had very cordial relations with the British Government. The survey of Railway from Jaipur to Sikar was accomplished in this period. After Madhav Singh the throne of Sikar was ascended by Kalyan Singh.

Rao Raja Kalyan Singh was the last ruler of Sikar (1922/1967). Kalyan Singh had been famous for his love of magnficent buildings, palaces, temples and ponds. He ruled over Sikar for 32 years. He built the clock tower, which adds beauty to the town. For the welfare of the public he built the Kalyan Hospital & Kalyan College. To commemorate the sweet memory of his late son Kunwar Hardayal Singh.

Place of Interest

  • Sikar Fort
  • Sai Dham (Mundwara)
  • Sri Digamber Jain Bada Mandir, Bawari Gate
  • Madho Niwas Kothi
  • Radha Damodar Mandir
  • Bolta Balaji mandir
  • Rani Mahal
  • Devi Pura Balaji
  • Santoshi Mata Mandir
  • Maroo Park
  • Nehru Park
  • Ganesh Mandir, Fatehpuri Gate
  • Temple of Gopinathji, Subhash Chowk
  • Temple of Raghunathji, Bawari Gate
  • Diwan Ji Ki Nashiya, Jatiya Bazar
  • Diwan Ji ki Haveli
  • Shobhagyavati mandir
  • Shri Ram Hanuman mandir (Radha kishan pura Sikar)
  • Mata Mansa Devi Temple, Hasampur

  • Shakambhari Mata Mandir • Shyam Mandir Khatu • Samolai balaji Temple